Chimney cowl double wall inox

θεμάτων Καπέλα καμινάδας
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Αγορά Chimney cowl double wall inox
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  • ΜάρκαKaminas
  • Χώρα προέλευσηςΕλλάδα
  • Yλικόstainless steel 304, 430


Flue cowls are designed to be fitted outside to chimney and flue tops to prevent rain, moisture and debris from falling into your fire or stove.


1.improvement of the air and fumes draft in the chimney

2.avoids the infiltration of fume in the living quarters

3.improvement of the emission values

4.avoids condensation and moreover wet spots in the chimney and the stonework

5.guards against build up of soot in the chimney from wet conditions and rain

7.Protection against birds entering the chimney

Technical data:

diameter: 80 mm - 350mm
Material type: Stainless steel 304 or 430
maximum withstand temperature: 400°C
base 170 x 170 mm until 550 x 550 mm

Suitable for use with Coal, Wood, Gas, Oil and Smokeless fuels.

Diameter mm:

  • Φ 100
  • Φ 125
  • Φ 150
  • Φ 180
  • Φ 200
  • Φ 230
  • Φ 250
  • Φ 300
  • Chimney cowl double wall inox
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